Ethics Programme

Ethics Programme

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Ethical Leadership: 3C’s and FinTech – Ethical  Leadership in the FinTech Industry

  • Compulsory to obtain the the professional designation of Associated Financial Technologist (AFT) or Certified Financial Technologist (CFT)
  • Co-developed with Mr Po Chung, co-founder of DHL and Professor A. Reza Hoshmand, Director of General Education of HKBU

Covered Topic Examples

  • What is Service Leadership
  • Four Main Pillars of Service Leadership
  • Why the Three C’s (Competence, Character, Care) Matter?
  • How Business Behavior is Shaped?
  • How Does Ethical Behavior Contributed to Success?
  • What Do We Mean by Moral Values
  • Ingredients of a Service Company Habitat
  • Serve Problem in Habitat
  • The Entrepreneurial Cycle

Featured Lecturer: Professor A. Reza Hoshmand

  • Senior Special Advisor to the Global Institute of Service Leadership Education in Hong Kong
  • Served as the Director of General Education at HKBU until 2019
  • Was the Chair/Dean of Business and Management Division at Daniel Webster College in Nashua, New Hampshire.
  • Has taught at numerous universities including Harvard, Tufts, University of Hawaii, and California State Polytechnic in Pomona.

Format: Video

Attendees: 15

CPT: 6 Hour