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Advantages of CFT


Benchmark Industry Standard




Corporates support & recognise 120CPD points accredited


CPD points accredited

The CFT programme is a globally recognised certification programme designed for practicing and aspiring financial technologists to hone and manifest their proficiency in finance and technology for a successful career in FinTech.

Why IFTA FinTech programme?

By gaining the credentials of a Certified Financial Technologist, you will demonstrate that you possess not only a deep knowledge of financial processes and technologies, but also a commitment to uphold the highest standards and ethics of the industry.

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Membership introduction

To become a Certified Financial Technologist, you must complete the CFT study programme, pass three levels of examinations, and abide by a code of ethics. Whether you are an industry veteran or a newcomer, the CFT study programme will help you broaden and update your skillset in a diverse range of financial and technology subjects.Since the course is designed for flexible learning, you can pace your studies to suit your schedule.

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