By gaining the credentials of a Certified Financial Technologist, you will demonstrate that you possess not only a deep knowledge of financial processes and technologies, but also a commitment to uphold the highest standards and ethics of the industry.

April 2019

Message from Chairman

Financial technology (FinTech) is driving the financial services innovation on a global scale and changing the nature of business, as well as the expectations of end users for financial services. The scope of FinTech is broad and vague, and ever changing day to day under the rapid development of technology. Therefore, it is important to understand the benefits and risks brought by FinTech, as well as to set the benchmark and standard for the industry to support its sustainable development, and this is why IFTA has founded.

The history of IFTA begins with the MoU signing of the Certificate in Finance and Technology (CFT) at UK, under the witness of Innovation and Technology Bureau, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Cyberport and the City of London, IFTA has then become the sole distributor of the CFT Certification. The Certification acts as one of the key benchmarks in the FinTech industry.

IFTA, with its headquarters based in Hong Kong, aims to act as a bridge for FinTech technology exchange between the East and West. Research showed that China is currently having the highest consumer FinTech adoption rate, we believe Hong Kong, which is a leading international financial centre, will continue to play an important role to be the gateway to China and pathway to the world, in terms of the development of global FinTech community. IFTA is not only looking at the Hong Kong market, but as well as the Asia and global markets. With the development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA), IFTA strives to catch the trend and accelerate Fintech development in GBA , and ultimately to the world.

Your support is essential to the future development of IFTA and the FinTech community. We welcome you to join our hands to build a better FinTech community. 

Mr. Paul Pong (Founder & Chairman of IFTA)