The Third Digital Economy Day of Hengyang City

The Third Digital Economy Day of Hengyang City took place on October 10, 2023, featuring the signing ceremony of high-level talent teams in the digital economy and the forum on Financial Technology Empowering High-Quality Development of the Digital Economy. Mr Po Lam Paul Pong, Chairman of IFTA, and Mr. Raymond Savio CHAN, CFT®, Vice-chairman of IFTA, were invited to participate in this event as the keynote speaker and panelist, respectively.

The event was led by the mayor of Hengyang, accompanied by other prominent officials representing the government, university, banks, and commercial institutes. Their collective involvement showcased a strong dedication to advancing the digital economy. During the event, Paul delivered a keynote speech focusing on the development and trends of the digital economy in Hong Kong, while Raymond contributed to a panel discussion centered around facilitating the growth of the digital economy in Hengyang.

Congratulations to the organizers and participants of the Third Digital Economy Day in Hengyang City for making this event as a success!