(RE-RUN!) Hiring in Fintech – What do you need? A preview of the Certified Fintech Practitioner Programme Description 17

The IFTA x LIBF 2nd Webinar was held successfully on August 18th. In view of active registration, we are delighted to announce that the webinar will be held again on 24 September, centring around prospect of Fintech industry and a preview of the Certified Fintech Practitioner Programme.

We are honoured to have Mr Benjamin Wong, Fintech Founder of Transwap, share his experience in Fintech industry, and Mr Ang Kar Wee, Business Development Director of LIBF, give us more detail of up-coming Certified Fintech Practitioner Programme.

We are pleased to invite you to join our zoom webinar, mark the date below!

Date: August 24,2022

Time: 17:00-18:00

Format: Zoom Webinar

Language: English

Please find the below registration link if interested, your encouragement will be greatly appreciated and further motivate us to strive towards a promising future for the FinTech industry in Hong Kong.

Thank you for your support in advance!

Register now: https://bit.ly/3PyBxyK


Wong Chan Seng Benjamin

Fintech Founder of Transwap

Ang Kar Wee

Business Development Director of LIBF

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