IESGB x IFTA Annual Conference 2023

Thank you for your valuable participation in the IESGB x IFTA Annual Conference 2023, which was successfully held on 20 November 2023 at HKCEC! 🥳 Over 180 leaders joined to discuss progressing ESG and Fintech.

A sincere appreciation to Mr. Joseph Chan for addressing the audience and our insightful keynote speakers and panelists.

This year's annual conference theme was "The New Era of ESG and Fintech: Building Sustainable and Digital Financial Systems". For the morning session, we learned about the proposed additional climate disclosure requirements from HKEX and how MTR, Swire and Hang Seng Bank utilize the new ISSB standards and HKEX's enhanced ESG requirements for achieving business success. It was also great to learn from Micro Connect about how they include impact investors to support grassroots economies. Lastly, we gained fruitful insights on ESG Investment and how it mobilize financing for green initiatives, and pushing the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The afternoon sessions were equally captivating, covering topics such as the evolution of the internet from the Information Revolution to Web3 and how Hong Kong can differentiate itself and become a leading global hub for virtual assets. Exploring the applications of Regtech in Green Finance provided valuable insights into the intersection of regulatory technology and sustainable financial practices. Additionally, the discussions on upcoming opportunities and challenges in the realm of ESG and Fintech shed light on the dynamic landscape and potential future developments.

For those who attended, I hope you found value. For those who couldn't join, please check out our LinkedIn for highlight photos. Let's keep working towards a more sustainable future, see you at the next conference! 🤝