FSDC Industry Exchange Series: Readiness of Young Talents for Hong Kong's Financial Services

The FSDC is holding a webinar related to young talents for Hong Kong’s Financial Services. Join it via Zoom on 24 August!
The Census and Statistics Department reported a significant 2.4% decrease in Hong Kong's workforce in 2022. The shrinking labour force can be due in part to the ageing population and declining birth rates. Furthermore, the pandemic’s impact on global mobility has led to a more competitive and constrained talent market. Meanwhile, the younger generation, now entering the workforce, have different career aspirations and priorities, with a focus on work-life balance and continuous career development. These evolving aspirations are redefining the expectations of both the workforce and the workplace.

Despite these challenges, opportunities abound through growing regional interconnectivity. The emerging Greater Bay Area (GBA) presents opportunities for Hong Kong's financial sector to access wider talent pools and capital resources.

You are cordially invited to join their Industry Exchange Series webinar, where they will delve into the findings of the research report. Their distinguished speakers will share exclusive insight into the changing workforce landscape, including challenges and opportunities. They will also uncover effective strategies for cultivating the talent market of the future.
Date  24 August 2023 (Thursday)
Time  10:00am -11:00am

• Dr Rocky Tung, Director & Head of Policy Research, FSDC

• Mr Eric Hui, Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong); Chairman, Zurich General Insurance Company (China)
• Mr Danny Lee, Managing Partner, VCA Capital Limited
• Mr Frankie Leung, Partner, Bain & Company
• Dr King Au, Executive Director, FSDC

Language English
Format Zoom meeting:
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For enquiries, please contact Ms Cathy Tang or Ms Monnie Liu (email:event@fsdc.org.hk).

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