[FinTech]Maximize the value of the HK$10,000 cash handouts

Maximize the value of the HK$10,000 cash handouts

The payment of HK$10,000 Government’s Cash Payout Scheme will be received starting from today (6 July).Have you ever thought of how to maximize the value of the HK$10,000 cash handouts? Prepare yourself for the rise of #FinTech, which will definitely shape the future in the coming decades. #StayHungry, #StayFoolish. Act now and become a Certified Financial Technologist! We are pleased to offer you an extra 5% OFF for any registrations by 31 July 2020. Register/Learn More: https://cftasia.org/cft-programme/ (+825 2232 5822 / info@cftasia.org)

自我增值 創造利益最大化

香港政府現金發放計劃由今天起(7月6日)開始發放,有沒有想過怎樣才可活用財政預算案中派發的一萬港元❓IFTA建議立即自我增值,為新興行業#金融科技#FinTech做好準備,金融科技乃未來大勢所趨,虛擬銀行、虛擬保險、人工智能、區塊鏈、大數據、電子支付等正在興起,預備好自己才不會被淘汰。👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻#求知若飢#虛心若愚 📝✍🏻💪🏼請即行動,成為認可金融技術師! 在2020年7月31日或之前報名可享額外的5%折扣優惠。✅查詢/報名:https://cftasia.org/cft-programme-test (+825 2232 5822 / info@cftasia.org)