How long does it take to study for each level?
Depending on your existing knowledge it can take between 100-150 hours of study.

What learning materials do I receive?
All of your training is delivered through our own Learning Management System. The training materials consist of on-demand lectures, presentations, excel exercises, sample questions, downloadable e=books and an online help desk.

How can I access the e-Learning?
Through any internet browser and also through iOS and Android apps. You progress is synchronised across all devices


The Examination – General

How often are the exams?
Every six months, in September and March.

What do I need to score in order to pass a level?
You need to score at least 70% on both the finance and technology papers in order to pass.

What is the format for the exam?
Both the finance and technology exam at each level consist of three modules, each module will be examined with 35 questions. Note some modules are larger than others but they still have the same number of questions in the exam.

Will the CFT notify my employer of exam results and completion of Levels?
We do not have any direct contact with your employer, unless they have registered you for the CFT on your behalf.

What happens if I fail one of the papers and pass the other?
You will have failed that level. However, you will only need to resit the exam that you have failed.

How long does it take after the examination date to get my results?
You will receive preliminary results as soon as you complete the examination. These will be confirmed within 4 weeks of the exam date.

What happens when I pass a level?
You will be able to move on to the next level. Details of how to move to the next level will be provided with your result.

What happens if I fail a level?
You will be able to resit the exam. The cost of a resit is 40% of the current qualification fee.  Details of how to resit will be provided with your result.

Can I defer the exam?
When you sign up you will be given the option to choose when to sit your exam. You will also select the time zone you are registered in as that will affect the time of day you undertake the exam. You can change this date once at no extra cost, up to two months before the examination. There are no deferrals within two months of the examination date.