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FinTech Hackathon – The Kind Matcher–bridging up NGOs and Corporation Doners

The rise of fintech innovation has drawn the attention of enterprises and organizations which crave for CSR strategies, brand authenticity and customer-centricity. Fintech is opening up new ideas to establish stronger bonds of trust and loyalty with target audience and customers, in a tech-innovative manner.

IFTA 亞洲金融科技師學會Lions Club of Hong Kong IFC and Microsoft HK are jointly organising “The Kind Matcher–bridging up NGOs and Corporation Doners”, a hackathon event with FinTech. The event will serve as a creativity-to-reality platform to bring together like-minded youths to develop product prototypes, and exchange ideas with IT industry experts.

The event focuses on equipping students with Fintech knowledge and digital skills of AI and data to develop solutions for CSR. Skills workshops and Fintech seminars will be conducted to provide basic knowledge to students and they are required to complete a self-learning pathway of digital skills on the internet before the hackathon. Winning Teams can earn job shadowing and internship opportunities with Fintech companies and mentoring hours from Fintech experts to further develop their solutions.


FinTech Hackathon - The Kind Matcher–bridging up NGOs and Corporation Doners
FinTech Hackathon - The Kind Matcher–bridging up NGOs and Corporation Doners
FinTech Hackathon - The Kind Matcher–bridging up NGOs and Corporation Doners
FinTech Intership

[FinTech Education] Bibo FinTech Internship Programme

[FinTech Education] Bibo FinTech Internship Programme

亞洲金融科技師學會主席龐寶林先生今天在標保金融科技實習計劃資訊會暨小組面試日上分享了他在個人職業生涯中的經驗,以及香港最新的金融和金融科技界發展。龐主席勉勵一眾學生保持積極正面,努力裝備自己,預備好投身社會,相信標保已為有意投身金融科技職界的學生提供一個非常好的起點和平台。再次感謝標保公司邀請,預祝實習計劃圓滿成功。Mr Paul Pong, Chairman of IFTA, shared his personal career experience, as well as the latest Hong Kong financial and FinTech developments at the BIBO FinTech Internship Programme Information Session & Group Interviews today. He encouraged the candidates to stay positive, and proactively equip themselves to get prepared for future career. The BIBO internship Programme has already provided a good starting point for students who are interested in pursuing their career in FinTech.Special thanks to Mr Ka-Ming Lee, CEO of BIBO Limited for having IFTA today. Wish the internship programme a great success.

Youth Webinar

IFTA First Youth Webinar

The first youth webinar organised by IFTA was successfully held today. We are delighted to receive more than 150 attendee registrations in total. Mr Francis Ngai from IBM, Mr Fred Ngan from Bowtie Life Insurance Company and Mr ALEX Chan from FORMS HK shared their valuable opinions about the FinTech development in Hong Kong and GBA, moderated by Mr Darron Sun. In particular, they shared their views on the future of virtual banking and virtual insurance.

They encouraged young people to remain positive and be bold to take risk, especially for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the FinTech industry, it is very important for them have a passionate attitude and a growth mindset.

If you have missed the webinar, please feel free to relive the video on IFTA Facebook page:

亞洲金融科技師學會首辦之「金融與科技融合之路 青年分享會」第一講於今天圓滿舉行,很高興有超過150位青年報名參加。





IFTA Student Ambassador 2019-2020 Recruitment

Heads-up to students from CUHK, HKBU, PolyU, and OUHK interested in the FinTech industry! We are looking for students like you to join the IFTA Student Ambassador programme for 2019-2020! IFTA Student Ambassador is a voluntary position that delivers and supports the initiatives of the IFTA at the affiliated universities, including CUHK, HKBU, PolyU, and OUHK. Student ambassadors will also have opportunities to work closely with 26 IFTA affiliated enterprises and organisations in Finance, Tech, or FinTech industry.

Sign up today and send your resume to:
Ms. Nicole Kuo

Key Responsibilities
• Promote IFTA events/programmes to students including sending newsletters, assisting with booth exhibitions, etc.
• Manage and assist with student club operation with other student club affiliates
• Research and report on the developments of the FinTech industry to the Youth Professional Committee

Academic & Required Competencies
• Second or third year students from CUHK, HKBU, PolyU, or OUHK
• Major in Commerce, Engineering or related subjects
• Strong passion for FinTech
• Team player and strong interpersonal skills
• Outstanding presentation and public speaking skills

Application Timeline
• Deadline: 23 September 2019
• Information and networking session: To be announced in September

IFTA Student Ambassador 2019-2020 Recruitment