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Good MPF Employer Award 2020-21 open for applications from 1 April

The 2020-21 Good MPF Employer Award (the Award), organized by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA), will be open for applications and nominations from 1 April to 30 June 2021. The annual Award, established since 2015, aims to recognize employers that have been committed to enhancing the retirement benefits of their employees. The response in the past few years has been encouraging. Now in its seventh year, nearly 2,200 companies and organizations have been honoured as “Good MPF Employers”.

In addition to the existing “e-Contribution Award” and “MPF Support Award”, to specially commend and give public recognition to employers that have made continuous efforts to further enhance the retirement protection of their employees, employers who fulfil the relevant requirements will be presented with one or both of the following SPECIAL awards:

• Good MPF Employer 5 Years+

Employers receiving the “Good MPF Employer Award” for five consecutive years or more.

• Best All-round MPF Employer

Employers fulfilling ALL five criteria below:

(1) Received the “Good MPF Employer Award” for seven consecutive years; and

(2) Offered more than one MPF scheme; and

(3) Offered MPF voluntary contributions for selected or all of their employees; and

(4) Received the “e-Contribution Award”; and

(5) Received the “MPF Support Award”.

This year, the Award covers the period from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. Employers wishing to apply for the Award can simply submit an application online on the MPFA’s Good MPF Employer Award website. Alternatively, employers can submit

their applications by email, fax or post. Employees are also welcome to nominate their employers by submitting a nomination form.

The MPFA will present Award Certificates to the awardees, and their names will be listed on the MPFA website for public access and recognition. They will be invited to MPFA events and will receive the latest MPFA updates. Awardees are also entitled to use the Award Logo on their websites and promotional materials until 30 September 2022. They may also be invited to share their experience with the public through various promotional channels!

Don’t wait, apply now, and be a Good MPF Employer for 2020-21!


IFTA to offer internship and mentorship opportunities to students of new PolyU degree programme

IFTA announced yesterday that it will offer internship and mentorship opportunities to the students of PolyU’s new FinTech/AI degree programme.

Full-time internships for up to 50 students will last for six to eight months.

Graduates of the new degree programme will also be exempt from the Level 1 examination of the Certificate in Finance and Technology.

IFTA to offer internship and mentorship opportunities to students of new PolyU degree programme

Media Coverage (Chinese only):

HK01 【理大推金融科技及人工智能主修 提供長達8個月FinTech全職實習】 【緊貼新趨勢!有大學開設首個金融科技及AI學位課程】

NOW TV 【理大推金融科技及AI學位課程】

星島日報【理大擁人工智能優勢 新推金融科技學士】 




AM730 【理大推人工智能及金融科技學位課程】


IFTA and Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts Sign MOU, Co-host FinTech & Blockchain Series

On 10 November, IFTA signed an MOU with the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts (HKSFA) to promote FinTech to the members of the HKSFA.

At the event, the two organizations also announced the launch of a “FinTech and Blockchain” series of training that will run from December 2018 to March 2019.

The “HKSFA-HSUHK-IFTA FinTech & Blockchain Series – Blockchains and the Fundamentals” is co-organised by the HKSFA, the Executive Development Centre of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK), and IFTA.

The series aims to update professional financial analysts on the latest developments in blockchain and cryptocurrency and the ways these transformative technologies could reshape businesses in the future.

Participants will also learn to apply blockchain technology to various business verticals.

The first training of the five-part series will be held on 14 December 2018.

Other trainings include:

All participants who successfully complete the one-day course will obtain a “Certificate of Attendance” issued by HKSFA, HSUHK-EDC, and IFTA. Upon successful completion of any of the 4 courses of the FinTech & Blockchain” Series will obtain a “Certificate in FinTech & Blockchain” issued by HKSFA, HSUHK-EDC, and IFTA.

Event flyer:

For details and registration, visit:

IFTA Fintech Achievement Awards 2018

Inaugural IFTA Fintech Achievement Awards Announced

The Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia is proud to present our IFTA Fintech Achievement Awards 2018, co-organizing with PR Asia. Our founding member, Deloitte China, will be the Honorary Auditor to ensure the confidentiality, independency, and professionalism of the inaugural award.

The IFTA Fintech Achievement Awards 2018 celebrate outstanding achievements attained by individual, NGO, and corporates. The ability to sustain its business model, nurturing leaders, and aligning with ethics and government expectation will be strongly valued.

Please view the following link for applications and details of the Inaugural event!


IFTA 金融科技成就大獎2018表揚個人,初創企業,非政府組織及企業於金融科技領域所獲得的傑出成就。參賽者能否推動可持續發展,培育人才及遵守道德操守,將是本次獎項所重視的要素。


IFTA 金融科技成就大獎2018報名和相關資料,請參閱以下連結:



Tech Ritual【亞洲金融科技師學會有限公司 首辦IFTA金融科技成就大獎2018 表揚傑出金融科技企業】

亞洲金融科技師學會 (IFTA) 新聞發佈會

亞洲金融科技師學會 (IFTA) 新聞發佈會

亞洲金融科技師學會技師學會 (「 Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia」或「 IFTA」)於 2017年12月 6日(星期 三)舉行新聞發佈會,介紹即將推出的金融及科技證書(「Certificate in Finance and Technology」或「 CFT」)課程 ,為金融科技領域人才提供培訓及專業資格考試 。屆時, 主席兼創辦人龐寶林先生將會談及互聯網金融與科技之重要性及趨勢,也會就近日金融界之熱話,如同股不同權的話題作出討論。

金融科技近年發展迅速, 從業員需同時具備及兩大範疇知識,故亞洲未有證,故亞洲 金融科技師學會引入英美認可的 CFT,為業內提供專標準 。CFT課程將涵蓋金融及科技知識, 比重各佔一半,當中包括區塊鏈 (Blockchain)、網絡安全及大數據等, 並提供本地化元素, 為香港締造新經濟動力。

IFTA是亞洲首個金融科技認證機構,旨在提高金融科技教育和資格的質量效益。目標是通過對關懷、能力和個性(3C水平)的嚴格要求,堅持金融科技專業人士的標準 ,同時亦致力推動信息通信技術在金融行業的有效應用、同行和專業人士相關利益的發展以及金融科技業的變革 。



【信報】金融科技師課程明年推出 冀制訂行業標準