The State of Ethical AI in Hong Kong

As one of the supporting organizations of the 2021 Ethical AI paper, IFTA is pleased to share this publication with you.

This publication explores the state of Ethical Artificial Intelligence in Hong Kong specifically and provides the needed
foundation to evaluate the risks and ethical implications of advanced technology and to frame discussions for potential systematic changes in the future


Greater Bay Area Blockchain Week 2021

Greater Bay Area Blockchain Week 2021 is the premier virtual event for an international audience passionate about technology, education, and business. A week-long event will convene thousands of online viewers to the brightest spot on today’s global financial map, and compliment GBA’s status of the world’s leading and most quickly developing business and technological cluster.

GBA Blockchain Week 2021 will kick off on March 29th, with core Virtual Summit happening on the 30th and 31st. Exclusive content will be streamed globally and in China.

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【Fintech全方位】金融科技融入日常生活 eMPF積金易平台更自主更靈活

【Fintech全方位】金融科技融入日常生活 eMPF積金易平台更自主更靈活


Viu TV Interview

【Fintech全方位】FinTech與新常態與時並進 適當監管讓科技走得更前

【Fintech全方位】FinTech與新常態與時並進 適當監管讓科技走得更前

談到「金融科技」,網路上的搜尋結果都離不開「區塊鏈,人工智能」等字眼。科技發展歷久常新,要不停更新先能夠與時並進,趕上金融科技發展的步伐。2020年的科技變化急速,來到2021年,到底金融科技會如何發展呢?就等IFTA 亞洲金融科技師學會 主席Po Lam Paul Pong 為大家暢談2021年金融科技新趨勢

Viu TV_ Forms

[FinTech News]FinTech 全方位

Check out the ViuTV#Fintech全方位】interview with Mr ALEX Chan, CEO of FORMS HK and Mr Daniel Chan, Head Of Blockchain Innovation Lab of FORMS HK.

FORMS HK is the award winning company of the Digital Banking and Blockchain-based Transformation categories of #IFTA#FinTech#Achievement#Awards2019. Take a look and see how they transform the banking industry to go simpler, faster, smarter and safer with blockchain technologies.



[FinTech News] Singapore Blockchain Week 2020 Press Release

#SingaporeBlockchainWeek2020 sets the stage with global blockchain experts and regulators! Supported by Singapore’s leading government agencies, industry leaders from across the world will converge for Singapore’s premier blockchain virtual event. Virtual Summit on 21 July will focus on future trends of blockchain technology applications, regulations, and enterprise solutions.

IFTA is one of the supporting organisations.
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