IFTA Fintech Achievement Award 2018 Highlights Released!

IFTA Fintech Achievement Award 2018 Highlights Released!

Total 34 well deserved awards endorsed by our inaugural judge panel and award committee. Greatly honoured and delighted to have both of our Guest of Honor, Mr. Joseph Chan, JP, and Dr. David Chung, JP that stayed throughout the entire award ceremony.

Major thanks again to IFTA Co-organisers, China Everbright Bank Hong Kong Branch and PR Asia Consultants, Honorary Auditor, Deloitte China, and all supporting organisations for making the event successful. Most importantly, congratulations to all winning awardees in 2018, and we are looking forward to your ongoing contribution to the industry and great achievements in the future!

Cheers to FinTech Era.

View the IFTA Fintech Achievement Award 2018 press release from the following link in English, Chinese, or Japanese:

IFTA Fintech Achievement Award 2018 Ceremony Featured

IFTA Fintech Achievement Award 2018 Ceremony

Congratulations again to all outstanding awardees at the IFTA Fintech Achievement Award 2018 Ceremony, held on 26 February 2019 at HKEX Connect Hall. A total of 37 awardees of 14 different categories from organisations, enterprises, startups, and individuals in the FinTech Industry!

Thank you to our Guests of Honour, Mr. Joseph Chan, JP, Undersecretary of the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, and Dr. David Chung, JP, Undersecretary of the Innovation and Technology Bureau, and the Judges, Supporting Organisations, Universities, Awardees, Reputable Guests, and student ambassadors from PolyU and OUHK for making our award ceremony a success!


IFTA debuts at Singapore FinTech Festival 2018

IFTA made a debut at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2018 (12-16 November), the world’s largest FinTech festival attended by 30,000+ participants from more than 100 countries. The event was organised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

We were among the Hong Kong FinTech companies featured at the Cyberport Pavilion, aimed to showcase Hong Kong’s FinTech achievements to the world.

Many fair visitors were keenly interested in the CFT programme and the IFTA FinTech Achievement Award.


Cyberport is one of IFTA’s Founding Corporate Members. Dr Toa Charm (right), Cyberport’s Chief Public Mission Office, heads the IFTA’s Big Data Special Interest Group.

IFTA at HK FinTech Week 2018 Pre-launch Night

IFTA Founders and representative attended HK FinTech Week 2018 Pre-Launch Night! Founder of IFTA, Mr. Paul Pong & Mr. Wilson Kwok, supporting upcoming Fintech Week organized by Invest HK & Finnovasia.

Great night to kickstart one of the most exciting Fintech event in Hong Kong! This is going to be the first cross-border FinTech event from Hong Kong to China’s silicon valley ShenZhen !



iFTA Bootcamp Flyer.001

IFTA Fintech Bootcamp 2018 at HK PolyU

We are pleased to present IFTA Fintech Bootcamp 2018 on March 2nd- 4th, 2018 at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK PolyU) for those who are interested in pursuing their fintech career and taking the CFT exams.

9 AM – 5PM

Bootcamp Lecture Location: 

DAY 1: 2 March (Morning): PQ703

DAY 1: 2 March (Afternoon): N003

DAY 2: 3 March: PQ604A

DAY 3: 4 March: N001

IFTA invited Co-Founder of CFT, Mr. Sanjay Bhandari, from the United Kingdom to host the 3-day bootcamp. Only limited seats will be available, and it will be reserved by first come first served. Please be aware that the bootcamp is only for registered candidates of CFT Examination. Priority for March exam registered candidates; waiting list for September exam registered candidates.


Sanjay is a globally recognised leader in the technology space of financial companies. He runs training in finance and technology for the world’s leading organizations such as Credit Suisse, Nomura, RBS, Barclays and JP Morgan. Sanjay was head of technology at Fitch Learning where he helped develop finance and technology programs for the worlds’ global investment banks. Before this, Sanjay was head of the eTrading platform at Bank of America and worked at Merrill Lynch London where he built and maintained trading and risk platforms for their rates desk.

Please view the following link for registering CFT March Examination

RSVP to Ms. Nicole Kuo for registering IFTA Fintech Bootcamp